High Quality Precision Engineering

Established in 2000, CNC Solutions is equipped with the latest high precision CNC machine tools offering full simultaneous 3 axis and 5 axis milling. Our machining centers are programmed with the industries leading CAD/CAM programming software from Open Mind Technology. Combining a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill with state of the art technology and machinery CNC Solutions deliver high quality solutions to a wide range of clients based in the marine, medical, electrical, fabrication, petro chemical and motor sport industries.

The machine tools used for your order are the latest technology machining centers, and are regularly maintained. They are fully equipped with the most efficient cutting tools for optimum cutting performance on a variety of materials, Titanium, Stainless Steel 321, 316, 304, 13-8, 17-4, Steel, Aluminium, Plastics, Brass, Copper, Inconel 625.

Our reputation is based on our ability to continually provide high quality machined components on time, every time. BSI Quality Management System ISO ISO9001:2015 guarantees consistent quality standards.
(Certificate No. CA10697)

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Advanced 3D Multi Axis Surface Machining

Limited only by the imagination

If your drawings are produced by CAD, your work is already part programmed, for our machine tools. This can be in the form of all types of CAD files, drawings, sketches or sample parts requiring reverse engineering.

Reducing important lead times and ensuring you receive components exactly to your drawing.

CNC Turning, Small bar feed work

High quality components are produced using a range of lathes, small bar work to 250mm diameter CNC chucking machines.

Offline programming all our CNC equipment is connected via ethernet to our cam stations and server.

Please see our capacity list in ‘plant list’ section.

Tube Bending

  • Tube Bending Tooling
  • Made to Order
  • Specific Bend Radius and Diameter
  • We specialise in bend tooling for high performance materials.
  • Former, Grip, Back Guide
  • Wiper Die and Mandrel Set
  • (Designed to your specific requirements and Manufactured by CNC Solutions)

Additional Services

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CNC Solutions has excellent relationships with subcontract companies ranging from Grinding, Anodising & other surface finishing, Heat treatment. We can quote for the initial machining through to the completed part.

Quick turn around - We aim to turn quotations around within 24 hours.

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To achieve specific industry standards,
CNC Solutions operates the ISO9001:2015 Quality Assurance System.

(Certificate No. CA10697)

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